Virtual Reality

At ALS Safety we’re utilising Virtual Reality, the newest innovation in technology, to deliver our range of powered access training courses. Virtual Reality creates realistic and immersive environments to train, assess and remediate operators on boom lifts, slab scissors and rough terrain scissor lifts.

Man using Virtual Reality machine

While traditional practice and assessment can be costly, requiring site shut-downs and live equipment tie-ups, simulators offer a convenient solution. They also remove the risk factor when attempting operations that would be too complex to practice in real life. 

You and your operators will benefit from;

  • Safer training conditions
  • MEWP operators with higher proficiency levels
  • Standardised and impartial assessment
  • Reduced incidents, meaning less time off for injuries
  • Increased productivity from improved skills
  • Reduced repair and maintenance of equipment and buildings
  • Ability to practice high-risk scenarios
  • On-site training and assessment at a location convenient for you
  • Practice more than 32 different scenarios

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