IPAF offers an online course which allows you to complete the theory component of their MEWP operator training at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. The online training is available for category 1A, 1B, 3A and 3B, and utilises a variety of presentations, videos and activities to ensure users are engaged with the course. View the video below to find out more.

The eLearning module has been divided into seven study areas and includes a 30 question test at the end. Once the test has been passed, you’ll be issued with a receipt to certify that the online training has been completed. Trainees will then have 90 days to complete the theory exam and practical exam with ALS Safety, either at one of our training centres or at a site convenient for you (subject to standard on-site booking requirements). Upon successful completion of the online module, theory test and practical exam, trainees will then be qualified to receive their PAL Card from IPAF.

To start the IPAF eLearning module get in touch on 0800 7999 257 or fill out the form below.


Benefits of completing IPAF operator training via the online module include; 

Greater Flexibility
The theory component can be completed when convenient for the user and results in less time away from work. Only half a day will be needed for the practical exam rather than a full day for both elements.

Increased Interactiveness
The online module has been designed for training for a one-on-one basis and includes elements to ensure trainees maintain engagement.

Determine your own Pace
Trainees can learn at a pace they are comfortable with and can revisit subjects if they choose to, which is not possible in a classroom environment.



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