Harness Inspection Training

Group of men inspecting a harness

Course duration

4/5 hours depending on class size and experience.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at supervisors, managers and operatives who are required to carry out detailed recorded inspections of harnesses, lanyards and associated products to comply with current regulations and standards.

Course Aim

To give the delegates the correct information to carry out a competent detailed recorded inspection on each selected piece of equipment in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines. This would include, full body fall harnesses, restraint lanyards, fall arrest lanyards, karabiners, Scaff Hooks, fixed and adjustable lanyards.

Course Assessment

The delegates understanding will be assessed using a 20-question theory test of which the successful delegate will need to get 80% of all multiple-choice questions correct. There will be a series of harnesses and lanyards that the delegates will need to find the faults on and show they can correctly fill in and maintain the records required.

Pre-Course Requirements

Before attending the course, all delegates should have previously attended a harness user course to gain the base knowledge required to start this course. This does not have to be an ALS harness course but should have been completed within the last five years.

Site Requirements

A suitable classroom environment (min 15M²) with; a 240V power supply, a table for the instructor to set up a projector and laptop, adequate seating and desk space for each delegate and adequate heating/ventilation. The classroom must be available for the sole use of the course for the full duration of the training without interruption.


Successful delegates will receive an ALS photo card and certificate valid for five years.

Course Reference Material

Working at Height Regulations 2005, HSWA 1974, PPE Regulations, BS6454: Delivery of Working at Height Training, EN795: Anchor Systems, EN354: Fixed Lanyards, EN358: Positioning Lanyards, EN361: Harnesses, EN360: Fall Arrest Blocks

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